Pack Run

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Gràdh gu bràth …

Love Forever (Scottish Gaelic)

Ailsa Montgomery thought she had everything in life figured out.

As a nurse, she thought she'd seen everything possible. Until one night when a patient is brought in who's been attacked by some kind of animal and dies on the operating table.

While the animal attack isn't completely unbelievable, she's shocked when the deceased patient, Brochan Braxley, miraculously shows up at her place.

Ailsa will discover that her world is nothing as she thought it was.

When the people after Brochan come after her, she's forced to run with him. Can Ailsa stop her growing feelings for Brochan or is she willing to risk everything for a man she barely knows?

Highlander Wolf Series

Book 1 – Pack Run

Book 2 – Pack Land

Book 3 – Pack Rules

Book Reviews


Not Bad3 star

I enjoyed the plot but the story seemed to end abruptly. I kind of question the accent because I would think someone living in the States for most of their life would have lost their accent but I chose to suspend reality, I mean I’m reading a Paranormal Romance novel so that’s a given to begin with. Also, I felt it was all too easy for Brochan to claim his Alpha status from Malcolm & Brochan explaining to his clan who he was got skipped entirely. I feel like it was a missed opportunity to expand on the story especially when so much time was spent on Ailsa & Brochan’s journey to Scotland. However, I did like the fact that Ailsa was resourceful & intelligent. It’s a shame that parts of the story were rushed or not expounded upon, such as Ailsa’s bite, what ends up happening? That would seem to be an important part of the story. Maybe this is part of a series & it’s addressed in another book. I’ve read other novels from this author & the stories & relationships were more fleshed out than this one & I enjoyed them. This one just seemed rushed especially towards the end & that’s unfortunate because I feel it could be a great story. The potential is certainly there.35


Disappointing1 star

Scottish accent but raised in America by nuns and with an international drivers license??? I realize this is fiction but the inconsistencies kept drawing my attention from the dragging plot.15


Why tho1 star

Please please PLLLEASE don’t keep this series going. It has such a terrible plot15


So???1 star

Yeah I’m not impressed15

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