Airbnb a Zerolution

Airbnb a Zerolution Summary

Renting somebody else’s home for a short time, either it is for holidays or business seems to be THE new way to travel. Bigger place, cheaper prices, one can even use a real kitchen and feel like a citizen of his/her favorite town. 
In the growing-up market of short time renting companies, some entrepreneurs take their job seriously meanwhile some other seem not to even understand what they do. 
Airbnb, have you heard of it?
“Revolutionary” some people say. “Top travel site” some other declare, but do we really know what is it?  Is it safe to rent somebody else’s apartment from Airbnb? And, can I make money if I list my place on Airbnb? 
My name is Rémy Giemza, I am a writer and, as a part-time activity, I have managed four properties in Paris for a total of several millions dollars for more than five years. I have chosen the part time renting option to rent those properties and I was one of the first member of Airbnb when they opened their website in Paris in 2008. 
I wrote the following little guide to give you my opinion on Airbnb. My conclusion is partial to my experience and you won’t believe what you will read… 
Bon voyage!

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